Best Apps for Guitar Learning

Is it possible to learn how to play the guitar using an app? Many people, especially beginners, ask themselves this question. Yes is the answer. Compared to a few decades ago, learning a guitar today is quite different. With the internet and now apps, you can become a guitar professional without having to physically attend classes. Find below some top apps you can use to learn how to play this classic instrument.

Guitar Pro

Do you want to become a guitar professional? If yes, then the name of this app says it all. With Guitar Pro, you will well be on the path to becoming a professional at playing the guitar. It is easy to use, and suitable for beginners and its library is not lacking in any way, with dozens of tutorials and guides readily available for your use.


This is one of the most engaging guitar apps you can find out there. Easily affordable and fun to use, this app comes loaded with a wide range of video lessons to help you become a guitar expert. The library has at least 1,500 video tutorials, as well as exercises to test your skills. Any activity you take here will be followed by instant feedback. It is a nice one!

Fender Play

With dozens of step-by-step guides and tutorials, Fender Play is an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced learners. The app allows you to customise your learning schedule for the best results.

Guitar Tricks

If you are looking for a guitar app that is easy to use and one with a comprehensive list of songs and lessons, then this could be your best bet. Other than the above apps, others for learning to play the guitar include the following:

  • Amplitube
  • Jam Play
  • Chordbank
  • Justin Guitar
  • BandLab

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