Choosing a Music Teacher

Learning music is essential to becoming a top musician. And while some artists possess pure talent, attending music classes is of paramount importance, since there are things that one cannot learn on their own. For instance, how do you start playing the piano without being taught the basics? With a good music tutor, you will be able to learn a lot about music, and you could be on your way to becoming a top artist. The challenge, however, is how to get a suitable candidate from a sea of music instructors. Here are four key components you need to consider when choosing your music teacher.

Experience and Certification

Do you want to be taught by a music teacher who just graduated the other day or do you want someone who has been doing the job for at least some years? No average person would choose the former over the latter. An experienced music tutor knows a lot about the curriculum and understands what package should be taught to learners at what level or grade. These people have dealt with a diverse range of learners, and they know the individual differences of every student. That enables them to devise ways on how to handle both slow and quick learners.

While certification may not be necessary for one to become a good music teacher, it does give credibility to them. Unless you know the teacher well, identifying whether they are certified could be a good starting point.

Teacher Specialty

You want to learn how to play the trumpet, but you find a saxophone teacher who also knows a thing or two about a trumpet. That would be the wrong choice. A good music instructor must have specialised in at least one or two areas, and that is where they shine the most when it comes to teaching. Thus, seeking to know the speciality of the teacher before hiring them goes a long way in determining whether your music learning process will be a success or not.


You don’t want a teacher who is only available once a week if you want to learn music fast. The instructor should also be available during most, if not all the classes. Remember, bounced lessons hinder progress. So, check your teacher’s schedule to know if they will be available at the time you want to learn.

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