Pop Music Explained

Pop is a recognised genre, just like any other type of music. It is a form of music which is characterised by its simple notation, uncomplicated lyrics, and a danceable tempo. The melody of a pop song is catchy, and the rhythm is good, making it one of the best selling hits. Pop songs are typically short, usually two to five minutes long. Their themes usually revolve around relationships, love problems, or joy.

Origin and Development

Pop music was derived from multiple musical styles, including jazz era rhythms, big band era orchestras, and ragtime melodies. These styles were fashionable during the early 20th century. In the middle of the century, these music styles were merged with rock and roll, giving rise to the modern pop genre. Elvis Presley is credited as being the first artist to market this contemporary pop genre.

In the 1970s, another artist announced their arrival on the scene. This was none other than Michael Jackson (RIP my idol), who would later earn the title, “King of Pop.” He was not only a gifted singer but also a talented dancer, best known for break-dancing.

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