Top Five Website Where You Can Sell Music

Music is a hot topic, especially if it is good. And by good, I mean music that sings to the hearts of people (your fans, not everybody). Good music will make you rich, without necessarily having to join a famous band or sign with an outstanding record label. This is all thanks to the so-called worldwide web. Want to put your music where you are sure it will sell? The following are some of the best websites where you can sell your music.

CD Baby: This is perhaps the most famous platform where producers sell music. The site is easy to navigate and use, and musicians can set up their online store without much hassle. Artists can also allow the site to distribute their music to other marketplaces, such as Amazon MP3 and iTunes.

Tunecore: The only site that gives CD Baby a run for their money. This website, however, focuses mainly on music streaming.

Other notable sites where you can sell your music include Fiverr, SOUNDOTCOM, Rumblefish, Octiive, and Ditto Music, among others. With all these platforms, nothing should stop you from building a bankroll from your music talent.

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