Top Pop Artists of All Time

Since its beginning, pop has been the darling of many music enthusiasts, myself included, and it is no wonder the genre has been dominating most radio stations around the world. That said, there is no denying that pop music artists have had a significant impact on the lives of listeners. Starting with the King himself, I mean Michael Jackson (or MJ, as he was popularly known), this music legend may have died but his influence in the pop world is still very much alive. He was an Indiana-born American, who is famed for Thriller, his best selling album. His other works included the History, Dangerous, and Bad albums, which were also big hits.

Suppose there is one female artist who has outperformed men on the list of the best pop artists. In that case, it is Katy Perry, a Californian-born music wizard, who raked in a whopping four Guinness World Records, among other awards, including NRJ, Juno, People’s Choice, and American Music Awards.

Other top pop artists who have impacted people’s lives include Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Adele, and the Beatles (a famous English band founded in the 60s).

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